Viscous Supplement

Viscous Supplement Injections is a medical procedure during which man-made lubricating fluid  (hyaluronic acid injections) is injected into a joint. This treatment can be used for knee, hips, shoulders and other osteoarthritic joints.

Typically osteoarthritic joints have a lower concentration of this lubricant which can limit movement and cause the patient a great amount of pain.   During this procedure, a small amount of hyaluronic acid, often just 2 mL, is injected directly into a joint capsule to supplement the amount of fluid normally found in a health joint capsule (4 mL).  This healthy amount of fluid gives the fluid it’s viscous and slippery quality which enables the bones’ cartilage-covered surfaces to glide against each other improving joint function and possibly slowing the degeneration process.

The effects of this treatment usually last for approximately four to eight months. 

This is a NON-OHIP covered service. Please discuss the cost with your health care provider.